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you can write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably more. exodus starts fearful curteous on t w. this is daily news live from berlin church bells across france ring out in tribute to not for the. country pauses to all of the cathedral france's leaders meet to discuss that ambitious plan to restore the monarch to its former glory within five years. also on the program it looks like another win for indonesia's president preliminary
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election results indicate that just go with those results calls to lead the world's third largest democracy for the second term smallest so what will his victory mean for the country we'll hear from because. i'm phil gal welcome to the program france has announced that it will hold an architectural contest to design a new spot for the cathedral at not to die which was so severely damaged in a fire on monday night bells were wrong only in the evening as people showed their support but questions remain as to how the church will be prepared to be built or whether it should be given a more modern look emotions in paris and also about breast still running high as people come to terms with the destruction of a beloved lama. feels anxious
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as she approaches notre dame cathedral for the first time since a raging fire swallowed it spire and caused its roof to collapse. suddenly everything she's watched on the news becomes more real. i can't understand what happened between the last time i saw her when she was oh so bright and then all of a sudden bam there's nothing left within a fraction of a second. it's like when people die they're here and then minutes later that's it they're gone. just as the sense of shock slowly subsides france is turning its focus towards reconstruction. in a televised statement present a manual a concept he wants to see the national landmark repaired within five years. but you want to get it. global contributions have poured in to help reaching nearly
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one billion euros the more than eight hundred year old cathedral was already being renovated before the blaze with repairs before the fire estimated to cost about a quarter of what's now been donated. despite the sense of loss many feel signs of optimism can already be found on the streets of paris because it's very ambitious but i really hope it's doable and i think that france is very capable of doing great things in a short amount of time like we showed that after the war. we won't be short of money and there's a lot of enthusiasm if everybody works together we can do it and i think french people will support my call to get it done. now francis calling on global talents to submit ideas for recreating the famous spire. international competition will allow us to decide whether we need to rebuild the spire whether we need to reconstruct the spire exactly as it was conceived in
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designed by view lunatic or whether as is often the case in the evolution of cultural heritage and cathedrals we need to give no to a damn cathedral a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our era. it could take years before we know whether the cathedral will return to its previous glory or receive a new look for the future but either way it seems notre dame is determined to remain one of europe's most visited sites to be seen. let's get more on this from luke andre he's a french freelance journalist for the new rather from he's based here in the welcome to day w so let's start with the international reaction because been huge for what is essentially a french landmark what have you made of that at first i was surprised that this line made the news everywhere in the world but there was
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a second look and that france is the most visited country in the world for tourism so a lot of people have been to paris and this building is one of the landmark of the french capital so i had in the end it's not surprising ok now we have we have we heard the bin billions of euros promised to assist this reconstruction the billions in less than twenty four hours how has that been received on the one hand very thankful leave because it's a huge gesture of solidarity to rebuild just church in france on the other hand in the on the french scene it was in by some people as a point of critical point of critics because. for other coves is like a combination for homeless as all refugees not much money is made on the but on the table and from the side of the yellow that's the protesters that took the streets
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for months is now they say we are putting money into the rebuilding of the church but our demands are not met yet because a one of the big beast was the not enough money was being spent in rural areas of france so you can find money millions for a church but but not for us. all not president mackerel was facing quite a lot of criticism before this happened has that has that not changed has that has politics been put on on pause for a while would you deal with this this particular problem yet that we can save both dixon on pose for a couple of days maybe week or two but this moment of national unity we don't last we have been seeing it in the past years after terror attacks after the world cup it's just a few days a week or two and then it's back to back to normal and so the criticism on this politics will come back and how is his handling of this been viewed from his. it
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was a pretty clever move through council is an announcement to the nation on the demands of the yellow vest on monday night to do that a monday let's actually have the same time so it was a clever move to so show solidarity and to bring all the french together behind this event and. some of these announcements are where a leak to the press so there's some announcements that. that's already discussed but still it would have to prove that he has a response for the demands of the yellow vests we will see in the next few days once they come of course for now though look all right from the pin your friends thank you for. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the first iranian woman to win an international boxing match was cancelled plans to return home after iranian authorities allegedly issued an arrest warrant for. a breach of
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french on saturday in for his female boxing is allowed in iran providing the women adhere to islamic dress codes not use of referee. electoral officials in turkey have declared opposition candidates akram in mama lou off the republican people's party the winner of last month's disputed election present magic type her the ones a.k.p. won nationwide but lost istanbul and ankara to the r p p p i k peace loadstone appeal to the vote of thought is have not yet ruled on the us for a full peruvian president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the head just before he was due to be detained by police in the capital lima the sixty nine year old had undergone emergency service surgery at a local hospital he's being investigated for allegedly taking illegal payments from a major brazilian construction firm doesn't garcia did night the claims. fell to
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indonesia where preliminary results in the country's elections are pointing towards a significant victory for the current president djoko widowed or is on course to win roughly fifty five percent of the vote against a former general provoke perhaps provoke us to be on top of the results that could be pivotal for pivotal for the country's future and its reputation as a tolerant muslim country the contest for the country's huge voting population out in force. i think the reporter club richardson has been talking to voters in the capital jakarta. today's elections were in many ways a celebration of indonesia as a young democracy and the voters i spoke to here at this polling station one of more than eight hundred thousand across the country told me that they were proud to be taking part in deciding the next five years now this election was largely a referendum on the performance of the current president joko widodo in particular his economic policies he campaigned on his work improving infrastructure and hope
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that the economic figures that the reduction in the rate of poverty and the strong economy would help give him another five years but in the background another debate was taking place this over the role of religion based identity politics many were concerns about a win for his competitor provost sugianto would be a move in a direction away from a pluralist democracy that welcomes all forms of religion but voters here today have had their say and have decided to give joko widodo another five years to carry out his policies. brown said champions league quarter final clash is on the way solely with the top you from sports is here to talk us through it welcome we have an old english showdown between manchester city and tottenham in a few hours do you fancy for that it's a tough call i mean spurs paid me well in the first leg to win it one nude but city of course they are playing at home and they have a really good record eleven straight wins but kept audio was criticised in the
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first leg for off having this tendency of often overthinking off tinkering with his line up and whatever idea he had obviously backfired as for spurs you know they did show that they can play without harry kane but they still have some serious injury concerns and let's get more details on tonight's match as. the self-proclaimed exceptional one looking to advance to the champions league so my. finals has urged manchester city fans to come out in droves to support the club in manchester city has high ambitions already this season with the club still in the running for an unprecedented quadruple of four titles before that they must focus on getting past domestic rivals tottenham. teams. i know. you know to end
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this crisis spurs are without star striker harry kane and may also be without daily hourly as they fight to make their first ever champions league semifinal still to do it still for me. just to see these the forty eight. and of course it's going to be tough you're getting close to liverpool finalists in last year's edition are currently leading the premier league table and have the upper hand biggest opponents porto in this tie. two. because. we have to. if all goes well for the english clubs there could be all english champions league final something the football world hasn't seen since two thousand and eight.
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well earlier we just heard from the coach you can claw these side records for the champions league finals for a second year or look one step at a time they first have to be porto and then of course to have the huge task facing boston known in the semifinals and as for tonight's match they are in a very good position they won two nil in the first leg and they kept a clean sheet and the key for liverpool of course is not to get too complacent and they did they all coming off that really important win against chelsea on sundays are for them i think the key is to just kind of write with the momentum mistook what yesterday's huge upset so we have that i have some sit down eliminating one of the favorites you ventus from this competition so what's about grounds of this ok so i axed football club they are known world wide for having one of the best youth academies they have a footballing philosophy that they stand by it's all about developing technically
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gifted players it's about youth development and last night all these factors came together as so many. you know when they outplayed you ventas a team for off stoss full of experience and you know phil football needs exactly stories like this because it's an inspiration it says that it is possible to win with on a small budget so but at the same time you know there's a pessimist in me and that also says we also know exactly what happens to sites like this after you know after the high they also come so no because you know we know from experience that big clubs will come you know and basically scoop up all the talent so let's just enjoy this team while they can and that see how far they go and you know frankly they are already heading to boston on a in the summer so all right it was like you don't expect this to last and it doesn't it doesn't unfortunately not with teams like this it doesn't and you know people always young players go to the you know bigger and better teams it always
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happens you know a little bit of us won't thank you. it's time to remind you the top story at this hour cathedral bells across from suffering auction tributes to not tough thing the country's iconic gothic church was devastated by fire on monday night present macross hope a special cabinet meeting to discuss plans to rebuild the monmouth within five. business africa without benefits in the case of the next i'm going to. coach a vision. jointly to news from africa and the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions. of easy i want with safety deputed comes from africa join us on facebook g w forgot.
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